E-Cat™ is a family products that when blended with current bio and petroleum-based fuels significantly increase performance while simultaneously reducing the overall emissions. Engineered to interact with pump fuel directly, experience more power and less consumption per hour on the road and in operation.

Achieve More With E-Cat Fuel Catalyst Products
Fuel Economy

More power = Greater mileage.
Less burn = Increase in fuel economy.


Less stress, wear and tear
on the engine and replacement filters.


20% reduction in particulate emissions in diesel applications.
70% reduction in NOx and THC exhaust gasses.

The Ideal Burn

Our proprietary process is based on Bio-Thermogenics and interacts with the fuel directly over the course of the chemical reaction. Using a combination of non-metallic, non-petrochemical based agents, combustion is initiated at lower temperatures resulting in a faster and more complete combustion propagation with precision termination control without raising the temperature in the cylinder. Engines consume less fuel per hour, experience an increase in BTU output per gallon, and produce less emissions.

In tests conducted by the SEMA Emissions Compliance Center, an EPA and CARB certified emissions testing facility, pump diesel with E-Cat recorded significant emission reductions.

Reduction in Regulated Emissions:


Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)


Carbon Monoxide (CO)


Total Hydrocarbons (THC)


Particulate Matter (PM)

How E-Cat Works
Biochemical Control of
Combustion Initiation
  • Catalyzation initiates at combustion
  • Does not produce any harmful, toxic,
    or hazardous exhaust products
  • Lacks heavy metal components
Accelerated Propagation
& Temperature Control
  • Introduces active free radicals to oxidize
    control agents to maximize energy output
  • Creates an endothermic reaction
    and operates at lower temperatures
  • Functions as a biochemical thermostat
  • Ensures full combustion of reactants
    in combustion chamber
  • Levels the combustion intensity over
    the course of the reaction cycle
  • Prevents exhaust of harmful reactants
E-Cat Fuel Catalyst Is A Win-Win
Decrease Operating Cost

In ongoing, real-world, over-the-road fuel economy studies, improvements up to 14% fuel economy have been recorded. With current diesel prices rising, improved fuel economy can have a real impact on your bottom line. For perspective, with fuel prices approaching $3.00 per gallon across the county
and $4.00 in some states an operator with 300 trucks could see an annual savings of over $1.3M.

Experience Longer Durability

Reducing Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) by 73% & Particulate Matter (PM) by 20% in the exhaust stage produces less stress, wear, and overall tear on the engine. This reduces consumption of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and allows particulate filters to regenerate less often and major service intervals can be extended. In summary, enjoy better fuel economy and keep your engines running longer while protecting the air we breath.

Lower Environmental Impact

A fleet of 300 trucks traveling an average of 100,000 miles per year with a fuel economy of 7 mpg would burn 390,000 fewer gallons of diesel with a 10% increase in fuel economy using E-Cat. Further reducing emissions from the fuel that is burned, increasing power, saving money and reducing maintenance costs is a “win-win” in everyone’s book.

E-Cat Fuel Catalyst Has A Wide Range Of Uses

Fuel your fleet more efficiently and economically.




Off-Road Equipment


Delivery Trucks


Municipal & School Trucks





Fuel & Engine Compatibility

Paragon Laboratories, Inc. an ISO/IEC 17025 nationally recognized laboratory, utilized a series of ASTM tests commonly used by diesel fuel suppliers to assess both the engine and fuel compatibility of the Diesel #2 to evaluate the compatibility of E-Cat when added to pump diesel. These tests demonstrate full compliance with the d-ASTM 975-18A diesel fuel standards and EPA Tier III Ultra Low Sulfur classification, showing no material differences between the control fuel and the control fuel blended with E-Cat.

The Future Of Fuel Is In Our Hands
GS 10-80

A ready-to-use formulation packaged to be used at the pump. Use one 11oz. bottle for every 50 gallons of diesel fuel. The bottle is designed to use with traditional filler necks or saddle tanks.

LS 10-80

A bulk ready-to-use formulation designed to be blended with fuel in a hold tank prior to being dispensed. LS 10-80 is available in in 5 gallons, 55 gallons and 275 gallons quantities. Use 5 gallons of LS 10-80 for every 3000 gal of #2 Diesel using a 600/1 dilution ratio.

CS 10-80

A bulk concentrate formulation
for #2/Off-Road/Marine Diesel. Additional
formulations are available upon request.

Achieve More With Your Diesel Fuel Operating Costs

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